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Printed on quality heavy weight canvas and hand signed by the artist "SEEN" in the lower front right corner. 

The jumbo size canvas is 26 x 102" (66 x 259,08 cm) un-stretched and 20 x 96" ( 50,8 x 243,8 cm) stretched. A white 3" border all around is for stretching and not part of the image. 

This printed canvas will come with a COA signed and finger printed to assure authenticity of the artist "SEEN"



* Shipping might take a week or so, as we are a very small business. Some weeks might get busier than others, so shipping can be "delayed" but it's usually sent out within 7 to 10 days.  

* Please understand that unfortunately, DUE TO THE WORLD WIDE PANDEMIC, the shipping might be delayed or take longer than usual to get to you.
Read our Shipping Policy for more information but please consider taking the "ROUTE package protection" option as it will be the ONLY way that YOUR PURCHASE WILL BE COVERED in case of loss or damage.

ll paintings are hand-painted by SEEN. This is NOT a print, so you should expect some flaws, imperfections, splatters, rarely small cracks or wrinkles can also happen, and when it does, it's part of the artwork. This is just the nature of the spray paint on canvas, it can, eventually, crack in time. 

ll paintings will be shipped in a tube with USPS, for an easy and safe shipping. (With a "signature required" service when in the USA). They will be rolled loosely to avoid cracks and should be unrolled RIGHT AWAY when you receive them, and laid flat for a few days to allow more drying time.

* Don't forget to read our shipping policy to make sure your order is protected and you have all the information you need in case something would happen. 

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